Air filter 8″OD X 8-3/4″ (10-3/4″LOA)- 4-1/8″OD X 2″ Outlet 24-21000

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Air filters

Air filtersFiltersNorthern lights



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Weight 1,57 kg
Dimensions 21,4 × 21,4 × 28,4 cm

M40C2, M55C2, M65C2, M99C2, MP40C, MP55C, MP65C, MP80C, MP99C, MP150C, M175C2, LP445D, LP445T, MP445D, MP445H, MP445T, NL445D1, NL445T1, NL445T2, LP668D, LP668T, NL668T1, NL668T2, MP668D, MP668H, MP668QT, MP668T,
L1064A, L1064D, M1064A, M1064D, M1064H, M1064T1, M1064T2, NL1064D, NL1064H1, NL1064H2, NL1064T1, NL1064T2, L1066A, L1066H, L1066T, M1066A1, M1066A2, M1066A3, M1066H, M1066T, M1066TMCA, NL1066H1, NL1066H2, NL1066H3, NL1066H4, NL1066T, L1166A, NL1166H, L6108, LC6108, M6108, L6125, M6125