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If you schedule to order your MTU engine maintenance service, there are quite a lot of unreliable service providers, which are operating outside, unlicensed & unauthorized of the official MTU service network. This leads to inadequate, insufficient, or incorrect carried out service works which are overpriced non-service oriented and not required by the manufacturer. 

Therefore it´s absolutely essential to select your service from an official qualified and trained MTU Dealer as NAVIGAIR who will propose you an accurate maintenance program based on the serial number of your engines. The official MTU Dealer will optimize your program, taking into account your running time and specific needs, even studying the load profiles of your MTU engines 


Preventive Maintenance 

The maintenance system for MTU products is based on a preventive maintenance concept. Preventive maintenance permits advance operational planning and increases availability. The maintenance schedule is based on the load profile / load factor specified below. The time intervals at which the maintenance work is to be carried out and the relevant checks and tasks involved are average values based on operational experience and are therefore to be regarded as guidelines only. Special operating conditions and technical requirements may require additional maintenance work and/or modification of the maintenance intervals. To perform the individual maintenance tasks, maintenance personal must be qualified to match the complexity of the respective tasks.  

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It always starts with – Engine Serial Number(s) 

 Adequate planning on behalf of your needs in combination of receiving your customized quote, stay and fall with submit your MTU engine serial number. This unique product identifier allows viewing of warranty data, possibly the corresponding engine history and below falling carried out service works, and or existing corrective actions / modifications offered or required from the manufacturer to keep your product on the latest design level and consequently up to date. 


Furthermore, the MTU Dealer is able to introduce on behalf of the corresponding engine’s specifications add. benefits related to the best operation behavior, e.g. to avoid thermal component stress and operate the engine in a fuel-efficient manner. 

Each MTU product – engine or generator will be equipped / delivered with a maintenance schedule and only official MTU dealers, like NAVIGAIR, have the required experience and level of direct access to the MTU factory database.  

 This guarantees to receive a customized plan of service which corresponds to your specific engine.  

Summarized, it starts with your yacht engine serial number, so record and keep it on hand when scheduling your yacht’s MTU maintenance or repairs. 

Avoid inadequate, insufficient, or incorrect and overpriced carried out service works. 

Therefore, trust the years of experience and the professional customer-oriented service of NAVIGAIR certified MTU Dealer since 2001 and handover your engine serial number to receive a customized and dedicated plan of service. 

Nonofficial companies operating outside the official MTU network can charge you tens of thousands of euros just to change your cylinder head when a basic oil change is all what´s required following the Official MTU recommendation.


Navigair entering MTU yacht engine serial number

Avoid Misinformation 

Contacting the wrong service provider outside the official network can lead to incorrect information. A different service plan can concern the same model of engine but will require different maintenance tasks depending on running hours, years of operation, or load profile. This can confuse yacht captains, chief engineers, or management companies, as misinformed recommendations can cause multiple issues, such as: 

  • Incorrect Operations – implementing the wrong MTU maintenance schedule such as not replacing or checking the right engine components at the right time during engine’s life. The result of this oversight is an increase in the risk of mechanical issues during the yachting season causing considerable inconveniences for yacht owners, especially if any problems arise during charter and require downtime. 
  • Excessive Costs – unfair service providers can direct you to follow a more demanding MTU maintenance schedule to increase workload and a more expensive final invoice. It’s completely wrong to recommend that a crankshaft should be inspected every 10 years, yet this is the kind of advice that engineering companies have been giving their customers… This results in unjustified and unnecessary high financial costs for the yacht owner. 

You must ensure you only listen to official MTU dealers for your yacht engine maintenance recommendations. These will be accurately based on your MTU model’s matrix number helping you avoid these issues. 

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MTU Maintenance Schedule 

Looking at two different MTU maintenance schedules for a 12V2000 M51A generator running for 3,000 hours  


This schedule shows that in addition to some basic operations in orange, the engine requires a replacement of injectors and recommends a boroscopic inspection in blue which will generates a significant cost.


MTU yacht engine Maintenance Schedule 18000

MTU Yacht engine Maintenance Schedule 24000MTU Yacht engine Maintenance Schedule 24000 2MTU Yacht engine Maintenance Schedule 24000 3

This second MTU maintenance schedule matrix indicates that only basic operations with the replacement of air filters in orange is needed at a really cheap cost, with the replacement of injectors in blue having to be performed after 4,000 hours of running time.  

In extreme cases, for the same MTU yacht engine based on these two maintenance schedules, the TBO (Time Between Overhaul) is also different. For the first matrix, the TBO or complete engine overhaul is recommended after 18,000 hours of running time or 18 years, and for the second, the overhaul is recommended after 24,000 hours or 18 years.  

To avoid confusion, misinformation, and unnecessary costs, make sure that you contact an official MTU dealer, like NAVIGAIR. We will provide you with accurate guidance and support, ensuring that the correct schedule for your yacht MTU engine is followed.  

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MTU Emission-Certified Products 

As part of your MTU engine maintenance, there are certain specifications surrounding emission-certified products that you have to follow, and ignoring these requirements violates statutory regulations. The modification or removal of mechanical or electronic components, installing additional components, or the execution of calibration processes that might alter the emission characteristics of the product, are all prohibited by emission regulations. You can only replace or repair emissions-related components if they are MTU-approved. Components such as control units, sensors, cylinder heads, injectors, or exhaust flaps, can be serviced as long as they follow the correct regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to significant legal and operational consequences.  


Only Trust Official MTU Engine Dealers 

When it comes to your MTU yacht engine maintenance service schedule, you can only trust Official Dealers. They are the only ones who can provide you with the correct information and expert advice in line with factory recommendations tailored to the specific needs of your MTU yacht engine. Furthermore, they are trained to carry out your yacht engine service complying with MTU requirements. 


Maintaining an MTU yacht engine requires a well-structured maintenance service schedule, attention to detail, and reliance on official sources. Avoid misinformation by reaching out to authorised MTU dealers and ensure that your yacht engine remains reliable and efficient. Send your MTU engine’s serial number and NAVIGAIR will save you time and money with our yacht engine service. 

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